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Your Ultimate Guide to Hair Extensions

With the New Year comes the season of change, of trying new things, of transformation. If you’ve always been curious about hair extensions, but never felt bold enough to give it a go, now is your chance!

I’ve compiled a nifty little guide for you all today, the ultimate explainer on hair extensions, so let’s go!

Clip-in Extensions

Clip-ins are exactly what they sound like. They are strands of hair attached up top to a band and a couple of hair clips. Some seasoned extension wearers may be able to attach and remove these themselves, but it’s always better to get a professional’s help for that reliably seamless look. A big benefit to clip-ins is that they are generally cheaper and reusable! But, they may not last as long as other options. Watch out for quality—good quality clip-ins should look smooth on the head and should never shed.

Tape-in Extensions

Again, the name here is pretty explanatory. Tape-in extensions are similar to clip-ins, but the band at the top has an adhesive that binds to your hair up near the roots. That hair is not going to budge until you say so. Professionals can apply and remove tape-ins quickly and easily, plus they won’t damage your hair. Like the clip-ins, they can be reused, just not as many times.

Keratin Fusion

One of the more natural looking options on this list, keratin fusion is a popular method among stylists and customers alike. Keratin fusions involve taking packs of hair strands and bonding these packs to your own hair near the root, in a process that can take several hours. Fusions can be extremely long-lasting, and will behave like your own hair. That said, if you’re a frequent swimmer, then this probably isn’t the best option for you.


I-tipped extensions are similar to keratin fusion in that they use smaller bundles of hair. But unlike keratin fusion, I-tipped extensions use microbeads or metal cylinders to latch onto natural hair. They take an hour or two to install and will typically last six to eight months, though you might be able to get one reuse out of them.

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