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Stubborn Hair is the perfect destination for your blow-dry, whether it's for a special day or to keep your hair looking lovely and new every week.


Allow one of our professionally-trained stylists to help you get a look you crave. We understand the importance of creating outstanding blow-drys and that is why our stylists are highly trained to create your best blow-dry. 

Utilizing only the best products available, let us transform your hair. 

Why Choose Us?

To create an overall flawless look, we give a perfect service. Choose a look that provides streamlined and smooth, bouncy, or glamorous waves and steal the attention of others.

Whether your blowdry style is sleek, smooth, bouncy, or sexy and curly blowdry type, we have the blow-dry service that fits you. Visiting the salon regularly? Trying to restore the health of your hair? Struggling to style your hair? Now, no stress!! We are here for you!!

Our salon is uniquely designed so that when you relax and unwind, you can experience your best. Our Stubborn Hair experts accomplished the perfect blow-dry look, delivering sleek hairstyles for special occasions such as formals, engagements, modeling events, and photoshoots. We look forward to creating your next look in our salons.

The Need-it-now Blowout

Get blowdry service from our trained professionals at one go for just $50

Book a Blowdry

1) Make Your Booking

Whatever your weekly blow-dry look or your signature look, when you make your booking with us, we will meet your hair needs.

2) The Process

Our stylist will tailor your look by tailoring products and preferences according to your hair type using only the best products.

  • Relaxing Wash

A relaxing scalp massage, along with shampoo and conditioner, will be offered to you following your initial consultation. By way of our great blow dryers, the hair will be refreshed and primed with attention to detail, drawing inspiration from the new models and patterns. Perfect before a special event or party for a swift rejuvenation!

  • Best Outcomes!

We're here to take care of YOU at a very affordable rate, i.e., $50. Whether it's a date night, a significant case, or just some time for you. Come in and get our excellent stylists to give you a look you want that lasts for days.

3) Recommendations

We recommend using an anti-moisture spray and dry-shampoo spray to make your blowdry more effective to ensure optimum durability.

Treat Yourself With Our Signature Blow-Drys Service 

We can do that you may only dream of. It is now easy to grab what actors and tv stars have for years. Especially, if you’re quite regular at the salon, you’ll love our blow dry services. 

Book a consultation with our professionals!!!

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