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Looking For Keratin Treatment, We Can Help!!!


You can have great peace of mind knowing your hair is in good hands. We offer numerous Keratin treatments to treat the damaged area, boost shine, and minimize frizz. 


Explore Our Keratin Treatment Salon Services 

Our professionals focus on quality and therefore look care after every client visiting us to ensure they have a pleasant experience. We offer different keratin services depending on the needs of our clients. Before we start the treatment, we have an introductory consultation to understand our clients' needs to ensure we offer them what they truly crave. 


Stubborn Hair is a salon service offering keratin treatment starting at $300. 


1) Keratin Complex with or without Formaldehyde
Organic Keratin 


The keratin Coppola smoothing treatment eradicates up to 95% frizz and makes your hair more manageable and glittered. Usually, the hair and after-care system lasts from 3-5 months. The maintenance and accumulation of keratin therapies will make your hair healthier. This allows the Hair to be:


  • Softer and Silkier

  • Shinier and straighter

  • More simple and quicker to dry

  • Immune to moisture impact


Keratin therapies are ideal for all hair types: color care, chemical processing, bleaching, or emphasis. Keratin locks typically in your color to make it dynamic and durable.


2) Brazilian Blowout

Brazilian Blowout is a groundbreaking method of hair smoothing, which can turn unscrupulous, damaged hair into silky smooth, lovely Hair for up to 5 months. Brazilian Blowout decreases friction and gives the Hair that lasts months smoother, thicker, healthier, and more manageable. Treatment with an innovative low pH device-The cuticle is closed, and the patented blend of a safe ingredient is locked into the Hair, which protects and smoothes hair from the inside out when the heat is applied during the iron phase.

This non-relaxing hair treatment can restore damaged cuticles significantly in less than two hours, with impressive results. Brazilian Blowout is beneficial for all hair types with deep conditioning and natural antioxidants from fruits and botanic oils. If the Hair is damaged by color, highlights, bleach, over processing, or ironing every day, Brazilian blowout keratin restores the damage and makes the hair look good.


Ideal for customers with heavy losses and frizz. To treat and smooth out excessive friction and tangles for up to 5 months, pick Brazilian Blowout Keratin. 


Do you dream of having shiny Hair that lasts for a long time?


You can book appointments with us today by depositing 50 percent of the fee. At the time of the visit, this deposit will be kept and used for services. In this way, you will avoid the long wait time at our salon and have a seamless service experience.

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