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The Morning After: Second Day Hair Without Heat

Shower Caps

People drastically underestimate how useful a shower cap can be. A shower cap is top notch at preventing moisture from escaping from your hair. This is especially good for people with curls. When you use a shower cap, you’re preventing any drying, and ensuring that your hair looks relatively fresh the next day. Plus, they’re pretty cheap and reusable!

Wide-Tooth Combs

When working with second day hair, you should generally avoid regular hair brushes. Regular paddle brushes on second day hair will result in frizz and lackluster curls. Instead, try a wide-tooth comb. The nicely spaced out teeth of a comb will make sure that your hair keeps any bounce!

Dry Shampoo

No second day hair list would be complete without dry shampoos. It’s a staple product that everyone should own. Now, there are hundreds of dry shampoo products out there to buy, so make sure you do a little bit of research and make sure you’re getting a worthy product. Some dry shampoos can leave a residue or film on the scalp, and weigh down the hair. But a good dry shampoo won’t leave a trace, and will leave your head feeling clean and refreshed.

Hair Oil

Nothing will kill the appearance of healthy, vibrant hair like dryness. You may even have dry hair and not even really know it. If you’re looking for an extra hydration boost, hair oils are an excellent solution. Not only do hair oils help with hydration, but they can provide a little shine, help maintain your curls, and prevent frizzing! A product that tackles four issues at once? Yes please.


Before you head out with your second day hair, try teasing your hair with some hairspray or pomade, just to add a little volume and longevity to your look. Second day hair is prone to falling a little flat—don’t let all your styling efforts be in vain and grab a spray or pomade to keep that look going.

Texture sprays are definitely growing in popularity these days, and for good reason. Sometimes, when using styling products like pomades or gels, things can look a little too neat. A texture spray will help muss things up a little, and bring back a more natural-looking effect. Most texture sprays will add volume and a touch of chic messiness, without making your hair heavy or dirty. It’s effortless and easy!

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