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K18 Treatment


Olaplex Treatment Exclusively Offered At Stubborn Hair

At Stubborn Hair, we are renowned for creating fabulous color without compromising the hair's integrity. As it may be dangerous to chemically process the hair, we recommend that all of our customers undergo Olaplex treatments after processing, and we offer the best Olaplex Treatment in Miami, Florida.


First, Let's know what Olaplex is?


Olaplex Treatment is designed for color, balayage, foil highlights, gloss, toner, perm, keratin, or bleaching procedures. Via hair processing facilities, Olaplex helps you preserve healthy natural hair to attain the look you want without thinking about long-term effects.


Olaplex is a bond multiplier which contains Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate, a single active ingredient. Before, during, and after services, Olaplex operates by identifying single sulphur hydrogen bonds and cross-linking them back together to form disulfide bonds. Through chemical, thermal, and mechanical processes, disulfide bonds are dissolved.


Come To Find Out Why Our Clients Prefer Stubborn Hair For Their Olaplex Treatment.


Olaplex is a 2-step in-room molecular-level procedure that restores broken hair bonds caused by chemical and thermal damage. Olaplex may be used for the restoration of hair as a single service or to deter breaches. We are best known to keep your hair safe and smooth. By giving you an Olaplex treatment, we will improve your hair by fixing the ties to make your hair smoother from the inside out, healthier, and more manageable.


How we consult with Olaplex Treatment:


  • First, we will address the damaged and affected hair.

  • Then after consulting, we will give the Treatment that strengthens and secures your hair.

  • And you can restore your good hair look and texture. 


Remember, the Olaplex is not a substitution for the daily conditioner. Our hair specialists will go over all the details for your at-home Treatment. Prior to Perms, Relaxers, and Keratin Therapies, Olaplex may be used to keep the hair smoother, shinier, frizz-free, and safe.


Our Price

Our Olaplex treatments help to replenish and nourish your hair. We live up to our promises, and our products and treatments not only offer you lustrous, beautiful hair but also protect against UV rays and external harm at just $60.

K18 Treatment
Our answer to damaged hair? The K18Peptide™. Traveling into the inner-most layers of hair to reach the core polypeptide chains (keratin chains), our revolutionary K18Peptide™ is just the right size and makeup to fit in and reconnect broken chains. 
And because our peptide is a bit of an overachiever, as a result of this reconnection, any disturbed disulfide bonds are also re-conformed.


Take pride in having the best service for your Olaplex Treatment by making an appointment with us today!

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