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Fresh new hairstyle that will have you ending 2020 with a bang.

2020 is coming to an end, and what a year it was.

We are all living with heightened levels of stress right now—between the election, ongoing turmoil, and the global pandemic, it can be hard to stay grounded.

Holidays, disposable mask
2020 is coming to an end!

Now, more than ever, it’s important for us to set aside time to take care of ourselves. What better way to do that than with some holiday cheer? Get into the Christmas spirit with a fresh new hairstyle that will have you ending 2020 with a bang.

Here are 6 that we’ve been loving:

1.Textured Fringe

2020 has people leaning into their natural beauty. Embrace the curls and twists you were born with, and try a textured fringe. Parted right down the middle, this look is classic, easy, and truly timeless.

2. Edgy Bob

A classic bob never goes out of style, but why not try something extra to give a little oomph? This slightly less conventional look is short, sleek, and will have you turning heads, no doubt. Get rid of the baggage of the year by chopping of those lockdown locks.

3. Razor Shag

The razor shag deviates from the classic shag style in that it’s shorter and a touch edgier. With sharp, edgy bangs and a short but free-flowing back, this cut has the best of both worlds. It’s a style you can truly have fun with.

4. Asymmetrical Lob

The lob, i.e. the long bob, is tried and true. Kick it up a notch this holiday season with a little asymmetry. With a few sharp lines and a couple hard angles, this style is the height of modernity. The asymmetrical look is surprisingly elegant, and now is the time to test it out. After all, if you can’t be bold during the holidays, when can you be bold?

5. Rounded Crop

Another variation on the classic bob is a cute, rounded crop. This style is modern, fresh, but not as edgy as other shorter hairstyles. If you want something new and approachable with a touch of drama, this is the cut for you. Plus, this look is definitely on trend right now.

6. Long and Layered

Classic, elegant, simple, and low maintenance. This style has everything you need, and is great for perfectly framing your face on those Zoom calls. This haircut is sophisticated without being fussy, and is another timeless favorite.

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